Paws Press Play

Thanks for joining me! This website and these podcast series aim to help bridge the communication gap that currently exists among veterinarians and animal lovers throughout the world. It is my hope that these podcasts can help decode some of the mysteries surrounding various illnesses and diagnoses that your beloved pet has received or may one day receive. The podcasts will delve not only into the medical issues that we face as a veterinary community, but also seeks to shine a light into a profession that at some point in our lives many of us consider pursuing. Finally, I hope that if you like the content you will leave feedback on the website and share your stories/cases to help promote our well educated, close knit community. All episodes have a podcast associated with them, to access them click on the: “continue reading” link. So sit back, paws, and press play.

Reverse Sneezing

You’ve just gotten home from work for the day. You’re exhausted and you set your stuff down near the door. Walking further into your home you see your beloved border collie, Bella. You run over to kiss her and wrap her in a big hug. She always knows exactly what to do when you’ve had…