About Dogtor S

Pictured Dogtor S and Frosty

My name is Doctor (Dogtor) S. I am a small animal veterinarian who currently practices in New Mexico. My special interests include surgery and oncology (the study of cancer). Growing up I’ve always held the notion that I would become a veterinarian. However, it wasn’t until middle school when a nearby veterinary hospital allowed me to come and watch surgeries and the day to day hustle and bustle of general practice that I knew for sure this was the career I wanted to pursue. I attended undergraduate at the University of New Mexico where I received a Bachelor of Science in Biology and then went on to attend veterinary school at Colorado State University where I received my Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. After graduation I immediately entered general practice where I maintain a steady case load of mostly dogs and cats with an occasional small mammal or reptile. My favorite dog breed has to be the Great Dane; however, I currently own a chihuahua who I also love very much named Feta (pictured on the home page). In the past I have owned cats, dogs, and bearded dragons all of whom have made a great impact on me.

Why the website? As I touch on in the introductory paragraph on the home page, I feel that throughout my time in practice there exists a communication gap between veterinarians and our clients. I think that there is abundant information both good and bad that exists on the internet accessible to all. So, I wanted to make a voice from a veterinarian for clients and animal lovers to hear in order to hopefully help provide insight into the most medically accurate and effective care for our animals, as well as to promote an understanding of the veterinary profession as a whole. My favorite aspect of the job has got to be solving problems. I love being able to fix a problem that a dog or cat is having and seeing the happiness that this brings for both the human owner and the patient in front of me.

Please join me in this journey as I seek to share my experiences in veterinary medicine and cover the multiple topics pertaining to it. My Twitter page is linked to this website and you can follow me there as I work to coordinate updates via Twitter to new posts on this site. You can also check me out on Medium via this link here: https://medium.com/@pawspressplay where I have some of the same publications and some different ones.

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